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Before you dive into our website to learn more about the Amish and how they raise and sell puppies. You need to know more about them and their beliefs. Amish is not a race like Italian or Irish. It’s a religious belief similar to Christians in North America. The church originated in the late 17th century among followers of Jakob Ammann. Amish are Dutch, Franch, German, Holland and Swiss Descent. 

Nothing bothers us more when we hear people say, “I would never buy a puppy from an Amish Breeder”. It’s such a bigoted comment. It’s like saying you would never buy from a Jewish Breeder. Sounds crazy right. However, there is a misconceived notion that Amish Breeders are Puppy Mills. This idea has been spread by hateful Animal Rights Originations who want to end the Animal Human Bond. It’s Bigoted hands down. 

Amish Dog KennelIn fact, the Amish have been connected to the land and animals since the very beginning. Their traditions have stayed true to the core principles they have been taught in the church. 

Most Amish make a living off the land raising Crops and livestock. While some still work with their hands having businesses in wood working and furniture building. Many live on working farms that they take great pride in. Below are common careers the Amish will go into


  • Produce farming – Corn, Strawberry’s, Tomato’s, and much more.
  • At-home shops– This includes furniture and manufacturing industries.
  • Mobile or remote businesses-Construction Crews, Carpenters, Roofers, Masons
  • Factory and non-farm work– Work in non-Amish factories 
  • Livestock– Raising Poultry, Cattle and other Livestock. 
  • Alternative Animal Breeding- Horses, Exotic Animals, Cats and Dogs.
  • Other Amish occupations– Accounting, Law or Taxidermy

Amish Dog Breeders

With this website we are going to focus on the Alternative Animal Breeding and more specifically the raising and selling of Purebred and Designer Mixed Breed Puppies for Sale. We have visited dozens of Amish run Dog Breeding Operations from large commercial USDA licensed kennels to small hobby breeders. We have also seen dozens of non-Amish Kennels and breeding operations. There are many things that stood out to us as a difference in how the Amish run their kennels and breed their dogs.

  1. The Amish are not connected to their iPhones or computers like the English (Non-Amish) . They breed dogs because they love to, they don’t randomly start breeding dogs or specific designer dogs because they are popular on Instagram. In fact, most Amish start breeding dogs due to it being in their blood lines. Most Amish breeders are generational, where each generation is trying to do better and better with every turn. We noticed they don’t chase the market; they create the market. 
  2. Their kennels are on their property and are a direct reflection of themselves. They reinvest in their breeding operations and the kennels that they are building today are some of the most advanced kennels we have ever seen. The Amish take great pride in their kennels, always looking for new and innovative ways to upgrade them. They are in their kennels a majority of the day and even sometimes night.
  3. The Amish don’t care about Ego’s, we have never met an Amish Breeder who was unwilling to listen to our thoughts and opinions. In fact, we always get asked what our opinion is and feedback. Which we always share. 
  4. The Amish follow the rules, most young Amish getting into dog breeding invest their time into make sure they are legal and operating above board. They take what generation before them have done, and consistently try and improve upon them.
  5. The Amish are getting involved with setting new standards of care through the USDA and private regulators. A prime example is the Canine Care Certified Program.