Amish Puppy Mills Fact Check

Amish Puppy Mills Fact Check

Fact – Not All Amish Operate Puppy Mills.


Amish Puppy Mills is a term used by Animal Rights Activist to eliminate breeders and the pets they provide the public. This is because Animal rights Activist want to eliminate the animal human bond and completely remove animals from our lives. This mean no Pets, No Milk, No Meat, No Zoo’s and much much more.


Fact – The Amish Community is deeply engraved in Animal Agriculture.


Since the beginning the Amish Community have relied on plant and animal Agriculture to feed their community members along with using animals such as horses for transportation and farm work. The Amish rely heavily on animals in their day to day life.


Fact – There are Communities of Amish is mostly every state.


There are about 300,000 Amish in the United States. They have communities in many states. The Amish are well liked and respected in these states. Some popular states with larger communites are Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, New York, Florida and Missouri.


Fact – The largest communities of Amish are in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Specifically, Holmes County and Lancaster County.


Based on population these counties hold the most Amish in the United States. These counties are known for many things such as tourism and agriculture. Many people visit these counties specifically for the Amish. You can eat the food, tour the farms and even buy a pet. If you haven’t been to a Amish tourism town then now is the time.


Fact – The Amish reinvest heavily in their kennels.


For several Years now the Amish Breeders have been building some of the most advanced dog kennels the world has ever seen. These kennels are high tech with every dog’s needs kept in mind. Amish communities are also reaching out to large companies such as Purdue, AKC, ACA and many more to improve dog breeding as a hobby and profession.


False – The Amish Don’t Use Electric.


The Amish use Electric lights in their kennels and homes. The Amish generally don’t use Electric provided from the grid, but we have seen this done depending on the church they belong to. Most other Amish rely on Solar and Generators to power their electric needs.


False – The Amish Don’t Use Cell Phones.


The Amish use cell phone for many reasons and depending on their Church can use cell phones for many different things. Most commonly is the Church will allow their followers to use cell phones and other modern technology for business use only. However, some Churches are much more relaxed. Which is why we follow some of our Amish friends on Facebook.


False – The Amish only use horse and buggy for transportation.


Although horse and buggy is the main form of transportation. In highly populated Amish areas, there are car services specifically for the Amish to get around. The Amish can’t drive the cars or trucks but can ride in them. Think of an Uber for the Amish.


False – The Amish are the biggest puppy mill breeders


This is so false. In fact, the Amish are leading the way in Kennel Advancements and stricter regulations. The Amish are producing some of the happiest and healthy puppies for sale today. Without the Amish, most of the pet owners wouldn’t have the access to the breed or puppy of their choice.


False – The images I see online of an Amish kennel depict all Amish Kennels.


Just like any profession there are good and bad apples. There has been some Amish Breeders who were not doing it write. These images are spread all over the internet to make you think this is how all Amish run their kennels. When in fact most of these pictures are 20 plus years old and only depict the unlicensed unregulated kennels that deserve to be closed down. The modern-day Amish kennels are well some of the best we have ever seen. If you don’t believe us, then look at the kennels we show on our website from hundreds of Amish Breeders throughout the United States.