amish puppy mills

Amish Puppy Mills

The Term Amish Puppy Mills is a common term for Animal Rights Activist. In fact, Amish Puppy Mills is a relatively active keyword that is searched a few thousand times a month on google alone. However, the results you see when you search Amish Puppy Mills is a slanted perception of what the reality is. This keyword is heavily controlled by Animal Rights Groups who want to slander and eliminate the Amish from breeding dogs. These group overall want to slander the Amish into not breeding any animals. Even though this is deeply rooted in their culture. Let’s break down the misconception of Amish Puppy Mills.


How It Started


The Term Puppy Mill derives from the term Puppy Farm. From the 70’s to the early 90’s everyone described where they got their puppy from as a puppy farm. Some Breeders even included Puppy Farm in their Kennel Name such as Sunrise Puppy Farm. Even our beloved Snoopy (The Cartoon for the younger generations who may not know) is from Daily Hill Puppy Farm. The term Puppy Farm has no negative spin on it and was a simple way to explain that you got your puppy from a puppy farm in Lancaster Pennsylvania.


The Negative Spin


Sometime in the mid to late 90’s the Animal Rights movement was getting stronger with Groups like Elf (Earth Liberation Front) and ALF (Animal Liberation Front). These two groups are still known today as domestic terrorist groups. In fact, some of the members of these groups were in the top 10 most wanted with the FBI. These two groups cause millions of dollars in damage including arson. They also participated in the murder of tens of thousands of animals when they would trespass and release farm animals into the wild who would later die because they cannot survive without human help.

After a ton of negatively publicity in the news and media, these groups reformed and took a different approach. This is where the Humane Society of The United States and People Eating Tasty Animals (PETA) come into the picture. Realizing that freeing all the animals and causing harm to humans and animals is not going to get the support they needed. They changed their tactics. The Humane Society dressed in suits with the same ideology would tackle the laws and regulations surrounding the animal agriculture industry including the Pet Trade. While PETA would be used for a dash of dramatics with their dramatic protests and off the wall statements.


This is where simple household terms were redeveloped with a negative spin so they could push their agenda with cleverly picked marketing words. This is where Puppy Farm turned into Puppy Mill and was heavily marketed in the early 2000’s. It didn’t stop at Puppy Mill’s; they created a negative spin for many things such as Kitten Mills and Factory Farms. Thanks to the internet these radically thinking Animal Rights Activist had a platform to spread their mistruths and push their idea of an Animal Free World. By the way this animal free world includes, No Eating Meat, No use of Animal by Products, No Pet Dog, Pet Fish, No Zoo’s, No Breeding. In fact, they want to end anything having to do with humans and animals.


From 2010 ish to 2016 is when we saw an all-out attack on anyone having to do with animals. Breeders were being called Puppy Mills, Farmers were accused of running Factory Farms and Zoos were related to Prisons for animals.


The Definition of a Puppy Mill


As of today, there is still no legal definition for Puppy Mill. This is done on purpose by the Animal Rights Groups. If a legal definition is on the books, then these originations cannot randomly and freely call any animal breeder a mill. If it’s a legal term these originations can be held libel for slander. As of right now with no legal definition they can label whoever they want a mill online, in the paper or anywhere they choose.


Right now, the term Puppy Mill is a undefined derogatory term used to describe any breeder of any merit to further push the Animal rights agenda of the separation of Humans and Animals.



Amish Puppy Mills


The term Amish Puppy Mill is a newer way to describe someone of the Amish religion that breeds dogs. This is a bigoted statement because its referring to an entire religious community. I’m assuming I shouldn’t be surprised if Jew Puppy Mills or Catholic Puppy Mills becomes a thing. However, this statement needs to be addressed. Not all Amish breed dogs and if you are Amish and start breeding dogs you shouldn’t be labeled an Amish Puppy Mill simply because of your religious beliefs.


The Amish as a culture have always have a deeply rooted connection to animal agriculture. This would make sense since the Amish community still uses horse and buggy as the main means of transportation. The Amish are drastically changing the way we breed and keep dogs in kennels. In the last decade we have seen the Amish build some of the most advanced kennels in the world. These kennels have all of the modern-day advancements such as electricity, drainage, exercise programs and much more.


An Amish man in Indiana actually went as far as contacting Purdue to work on better ways to raise dogs. This is how the Canine Care Certified program started that does private inspections of commercial dog kennels and works to improve the dog breeding standard


Amish Dog Breeders are creating Breeder Clubs to further educate themselves and create opportunity for younger Amish in their community to get started in breeding. These breeder clubs are creating their own standards that surpass the United States department of Agriculture standards. This is improving the lives and the health of the dogs used for breeding. While also creating happier and healthily puppies available for sale from the Amish Community.



Looking for An Amish Raised Puppy?


Finding a puppy from an Amish Breeder is quite easy. Most local pet stores will have puppies from Amish Breeder, along with Breeders who are Jewish, Christen and other religious beliefs. You can also find Amish Raised Puppies for Sale on several classifieds’ websites, such as Green Field Puppies, Buckeye Puppies, Lancaster Puppies and many more. Even online brokers like Puppy Spot have puppies available for sale from Amish Breeders. While you search for the perfect puppy you shouldn’t eliminate a religious group of people simple because of a term used in marketing to end your right to own the puppy of your choice.