Amish Puppy Transportation

Amish Puppy Transport

Amish Puppies and Transportation

Amish Puppies TransportationThe transportation of puppies from breeders to pet stores is a critical moment in time for the entire puppy business. It’s crucial that the puppies arrive at their new temporary home safely, stress-free, and as healthy as possible. That’s why each puppy delivery service is just as heavily regulated as the USDA breeders and pet stores—if not more.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in the puppy transportation process.

How Are Amish Puppies Transported?

Many breeders and distributors use transportation companies that specialize in moving puppies—i.e., puppy delivery services. These transportation companies are essentially mobile kennels that are custom designed with the puppies’ safety, comfort, and needs in mind. That includes the individual needs of multiple breeds.

Each mobile kennel will have its own designated route that they follow to several pet stores within proximity to each other.   

How Are Puppy Transportation Companies Regulated?

Amish Puppy TransportationMuch like the majority of pet store breeders, distributors, and pet stores, puppy transportation companies are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA requires that all puppy transportation companies hold a Class T license, permitting them to transport animals.

Under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), these puppy transportation companies are subject to many of the same rules and regulations as the breeders, distributors, and pet stores. That would include the cleanliness of the mobile kennels, access to quality food and fresh water, examinations by a licensed veterinarian, and all other things that involve the puppies’ well-being. They’re also subject to comply with unannounced, surprise inspections during which they will be subject to penalization for any inadequacies.  

Who Drives the Mobile Kennel?

Most mobile kennels require that the drivers have a CDL license. the smaller mobile kennel drivers must meet other regulations and obtain licensing under the USDA and AWA guidelines.

Who’s on Board the Mobile Kennel with the Puppies?

Aside from the drive, each mobile kennel must have a licensed veterinarian or vet tech on board. This is to monitor and ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all the puppies—much like getting 24-hour room service!

What Are the Mobile Kennel Conditions?

Amish Puppies TransportAll mobile kennels are equipped with onboard heating and air conditioning to ensure and maintain the comfort of the puppies. They are also equipped with individual automatic feeders and a fresh water supply. To take care of the puppies’ messes, there’s a built-in “wash-out” that washes away messes and waste into an onboard waste tank, which also takes care of any odors. 

How Long Are the Puppies on the Road?

The amount of time the puppies spend on the road depends on a few different variables. Those variables would include the driver’s route, the weather, the traffic, and the location of each pet store. Amish Puppies are typically on the road anywhere from a few hours to a day before their arrival.  

Where Are These Puppy Transportation Companies Located?

Puppy transportation companies, like most companies, are located closest to the pet stores they deliver to. This is to ensure the mental and physical health of the puppies as well as a timely delivery to the pet store so that the puppies are placed in homes as soon as possible. 

Quick and Painless

Pet store breeders and distributors alike understand the needs of the individual breeds of dogs. That’s why they only make use of puppy transportation companies they can trust. As mentioned, the transportation process is set up for success because the puppies’ overall health and well being are of the utmost importance.