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Inside An Amish Kennel

Inside An Amish Owned Dog Breeding Kennel


  1. Sun Tubes or Skylights: This is used to bring natural light into the kennel. This kennel has 4 total with 3 visible in the picture.
  2. Fluorescent Lights: Lighting throughout the Kennel is common in an Amish owned kennel. Lights are generally powered by solar panels while some Amish kennels take electricity from the pole.
  3. Feeders: This large gray box is a Feeder. The breeder will fill these with dog food because regulation requires dogs to have access to food and water 24/7. These feeders allow the breeder to always be in compliance.
  4. Water Drains: This kennel has two floor drains, both shown in the picture. This is used for cleaning the inside of the kennel. Power washing the kennel is easy and affective and the drains allow all the dirty water to be removed from the kennel.
  5. Exhaust Fans: This is an exhaust fan pulling old air out of the kennel.
  6. HVAC Returns: In this picture we see two massive returns, similar to the ones you have in your home. This is where the HVAC unit pulls air into the unit to reheat or cool down the air and pump it back into the kennel. This is no different than how a homes HVAC works.
  7. Ceiling Fans: These fans are used just like in your home, to circulate the air.


Not Shown in Picture;


  1. Water: In each indoor dog run the dog has access to water that is provided by a spigot that is built into the wall.
  2. Doggy Door or Guillotine Door: Each indoor dog run has a dog door that allows the door to go outside when he or she chooses or when the breeder allows access.
  3. Outdoor Run: Outdoor runs are connected to the dogs indoor run. These outdoor runs are used for dogs to get additional space and exercise along with potty breaks.
  4. Turn out Yards: A Turn out yard is a large fenced in area where the dogs can run and play, no different than your fenced in backyard or the local dog park.
  5. Enrichment Toys: This is a fancy term for dog toys or bones.


This is a Turn out Yard. Turn out yards are the backyards of kennels that are fenced in and safe for the dogs and puppies to run and play in the sunshine. This is important for the metal health and well-being of the dogs and puppies.





 This is an outdoor run that is connected to a indoor run by a dog door. There is also a bone in the picture which is used for enrichment.





  This is a dog wash station in the kennel. Washing dogs is a messy job, but with the right set up it makes the process painless.





 These small enclosures are used to remove 6-8 week old puppies away from their mother for periods of time so the puppies can be taught to be independent before going to their forever home. This dramatically improves a puppy readiness to go to their new family.